Software Industry Experts - Preparing Students to be Industry Ready      

Industry Expectations

Learning Aptitude, Continuous Improvement Attitude and A Strong Foundation in Computing is what the Industry Expects from Fresh Graduates.

You should have the ability to break large problems, find out the steps to solve each part, implement those steps using appropriate tools (programming language), learn new tools as needed, and relentlessly look for ways to solve problems better.

Ways of Working

    Considering different needs and challenges of different students, we have primarily 3 methods to prepare students for industry.


Half day events, to introduce people to exciting world of software development. Open to all age groups.


Specialized training on trending technologies


Full day workshops, aimed at developing structured problem solving skills, along with required soft skills

Success Stories

Dev Saini

I got a great exposure some really important IT skills, data structures, algorithms, structured problem solving, along with opportunity to work with cool technologies like R, Android, Linux, Jenkins, Shell Scripting, Makefiles, FTP, JSON Parsing, Angular, Rest APIs, Php, GitHub, MySQL and many more.

Shyamli Arora

I am much more focused, organized, patient and curious now. I am able to learn anything easily, As I can see everything is actually interrelated.

Abhijit Aiyr

Instead of being taught, we were made to understand and evolve on our own, while constantly being mentored by industry experts.

Preparation Strategy

This short video proposes an effective approach tried by many students to build necessary strength.

Structured Problem Solving

This video highlights how a seemingly complex problem can be simplified and solved in a fun way.


Collaborative problem solving workshop at @ITS Engineering College Greater Noida.

Career guidance @IMS Ghaziabad .

Talk: Role of Technology in Innovation @ABESIT Ghaziabad

Ways of Working - Details


  • Full day (9+ hours) working with experts. Organized on demand at various locations
  • Workshops make you learn at Top Speed
  • Three Parallel Tracks: Easy / Medium / hard
  • Choose your track and move at your own pace, under expert supervision and lessons on the way
  • Soft skills: Team Work / Collaboration / Presentation / Story Telling / Public Speaking / Communication
  • Structured Problem Solving
  • 12 workshops will turn most of the students in to expert programmers and problem solvers


  • Specialized training on trending technologies delivered by preconditioning professionals
  • Full Stack Development
  • Blockchain
  • Agile / Scrum
  • Data Analytics
  • TDD / ATDD / SBE / CI 
  • Others